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Ways to Say “I Miss You” Creatively

So often when you are missing someone you love, you want to find different ways to say “I miss you.   


What are different ways to say I miss you?


There are many ways to say I miss you not only with words but with actions. It can become overkill to tell someone “I miss you” everyday.


So we are going to mix it up. Whether you are in a long distance relationship or just apart for work or any other reasons we put together some ideas for you to use.


What can I say instead of  I miss you?


There are multiple ways to stay connected when you are missing someone you love. One way would be if you are apart for an amount of time, to have some date nights over Facetime or Skype.


We want to have many ways to stay connected including, texting, making phone calls and creating  extra special moments when you are together.


That means putting more effort into everything that you do, especially having great and insightful  conversations.


Start your virtual dates by picking the type of date that will work with the available time that you have.


different ways to say i miss you


  1. Have a “Nostalgia night”


 Recreate a special night that you both have enjoyed. Maybe it was a special anniversary dinner or a memorable meal on vacation.


Find similar recipes, light the candles and cook together over Facetime or Skype while reminiscing. After your meal you could change into a sexy outfit to spice things up.


  1. How well do you know me”? Questions


Have an insightful evening asking your partner questions. The goal when you are in a long distance relationship or missing someone is to feel connected. 


Hearing how well someone knows you will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.


  1. “Open when” Letters


This is great when you are apart for longer periods. Each “open when” letter is meant to be opened at different times. Use the letters or packages to fit each theme. Some examples could be… 


 “Open when you need a hug & kiss” and filling the envelope with a heartfelt note, a lipstick print and Hershey’s kisses.


“Open when you want to feel close” and filling with a sweet note sprayed with your perfume.


“Open when you are missing home” and fill with a local favorite candy or specific plans for a date night when they  come back home.


You get the idea, fill the letter or package with something that is cute or meaningful for you both.


  1. Small notes hidden within their items


Get some sticky notes and attach to their items for a nice surprise! This is simple and sweet. 


  1. Get fluent in emoji


Since you are trying to find different ways to tell someone that you miss them, why not try  

getting creative with emojis. Make it interesting by having each other try to figure out your “code.” 😴🐑💑💔


  1. Find cute  “I miss you” memes


Most people smile when they see cute animal memes and there are plenty  memes available for when you are missing someone that you love.


 If you Google “Missing you memes” you will find some perfect things to send to your love.



cute ways to say i miss you


How do you say I miss you in a cute way?


Sending a cute “I miss you” text is a great way to stay connected when you just want to touch base throughout the day and to make them smile. 


Ways to say “I miss you” in texts 


1. I wish I was in your arms right now


2. I miss you more than a Popeye’s chicken sandwich (Or whatever your favorite food craving is.)


3. The thought of you makes me smile.


4. When will we be able to see each other again?


5. I may not be great at many things, but I am really good at missing you.


6. I miss the warmth of your body next to mine. 


7. You are my happy place.


8. Whenever I am at work and you cross my mind, I truly smile.


9. I miss not being able to joke with you when we are watching a stupid or funny show. 


10. I miss you so much today, that it hurts.


11. I am counting down the days until we can be together.


12. I love that I can close my eyes and you are right next to me.


13. At least when we talk, I can imagine that there is no distance between us.


14. It’s so hard to focus at work because I am always thinking about you.


15. Everything feels different when I am missing you.


16. You are always on my mind.


17. I miss you more than my favorite glass of win.e


18. I feel your presence even when you are not with me.


19. I know that we will be together soon, and I cannot wait.


20. You are very lucky to be missed so much by me 😁


21. I am missing you so much that my heart  💔hurts.


22. Even when you are away, the thought of you makes me happ.y


23. I miss you in French- Tu me manques


24. I miss you in Italian- Mi manchi 


25. I miss you in Spanish- Te echo de menos 



6 creative ways to say” I miss you”


“I Miss You” Song lyric excerpts


I miss you so much- TLC


Oh I miss you so much

I long for your love

It’s scares me

Cause my heart gets so weak

That I can’t even breathe

How can you take things so easily

Baby why aren’t you missing me?


I Miss You -Sade


I step off the train

I’m walking down your street again

And past your door,

But you don’t live there anymore.

It’s years since you’ve been there,

But now you’ve disappeared somewhere

Like outer space…

You’ve found some better place


And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain

And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain


I Miss You Songs- Blink 182


Where are you?

And I’m so sorry

I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight

I need somebody and always

This sick strange darkness

Comes creeping on so haunting every time


And as I stared I counted

The Webs from all the spiders

Catching things and eating their insides

Like indecision to call you

And hear your voice of treason

Will you come home and stop the pain tonight

Stop this pain tonight


I miss you- Elvis Presley


Still I recall all the good times together

The love we shared, the fun and the laughter

How I wish you could feel what my heart says tonight dear


I miss you and I wish you were here

Dreams that I had they lay broken in sorrow

The plans I made the hopes for tomorrow

If I could I would tell you I’m lonesome tonight dear

Oh I miss you and I wish you were here


I miss you- Beyonce


I miss you, like everyday

Wanna be with you, but you’re away

Said I miss you, missing you insane

But if I got with you, could it feel the same


I miss you- Adele


I miss you when the lights go out

It illuminates all of my doubts

Pull me in, hold me tight

Don’t let go, baby give me light


I miss you- Incubus


You do something to me that I can’t explain

So would I be out of line if I said

I miss you?

I see your picture

I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine

You have only been gone ten days

But already I’m wasting away

I know I’ll see you again

Whether far or soon

But I need you to know that I care

And I miss you


cute i miss you texts


Does missing someone means that you love them?


To miss someone means that there was something that this person brought to your life that now is gone. That can be either good or bad. 


Sometimes we miss the idea of a person, what we thought or hoped our relationship would or could be. 


We tend to fantasize about people and think that they have potential, so we put effort into someone that doesn’t give that same effort back.


You should not put more effort into a relationship than the other person actually puts into it also. 


Of course if you’ve had a reciprocal relationship and they had a special part in your life, then of course that could mean that you love them. 


Sometimes we yearn for what we had and other times we yearn for things that we wish we had.


Conclusion Ways to say “I miss you” 


Try keeping things interesting by having many ways to let your partner or crush know that they are missed. Send a letter, a text or spend time together on video chat.


 Relationships take effort to keep that spark alive, so use our texts & ideas to say “I miss you” to keep your relationship on track.


They may only take a second but are a great way to express yourself especially when you are missing someone you love.


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