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Best Date Night Questions for a Fun Time

We have over 90 date night questions, some of which are funny and deep but all are insightful. Most of our date night questions  are perfect for longer term or married couples. 

If you are a new couple we have first date questions to use. Choose the questions that fit how well you know your partner.


Our  first date questions and first date conversation starters  are great to use when you are just getting to know someone and are perfect to add to these first date ideas.


Communication is key to any and all relationships, especially when you have been with your partner for a while. We may think that questions are not as relevant because we know each other so well.


 But that is not the case because each of us are always evolving. Different things become more important at different points in our lives.


 As our life changes as a couple, we may want to express new desires and asking questions can be a revealing exercise.


 It’s so easy to talk about the stresses in life, which is why asking our fun questions will help to take conversations in a different direction. We want to help you go deeper in your conversations than just talking about the normal day to day issues.


So take a trip down memory lane with these relationship questions.



Date night questions to ask 


1. When was the first time that you knew you wanted to start a relationship?


2. What worries you or gives you the most stress?


3. What has been your favorite date that we have ever had?


4. Who can you relate to the most to in my family?


5. Who can you relate to the most to in your family?


6. Would you consider yourself an optimist?


7. What is your favorite food or dessert that I make for you?


8. Name something kind or helpful that stands out to you that I have done for you?


9. What is your idea of the perfect day?



10.What is your favorite memory of us having fun together?


11. What place would you like to visit this year?


12. What restaurant would you like to go to in the near future?


13. What is your idea of the perfect evening?


14. Where you nervous on our first date?


15. What did you think about me on our first date?


16. Name one thing we need to work on in our relationship?


17. Has anyone ever broke your heart?


18. Is there a sport or physical activity that you would like us to do as a couple?


19. What is your favorite thing that we do together? Besides sex


20. Do you have any relationship concerns that we need to talk about? 


Questions to ask a date


21. What do you wish I would do more of in our relationship?


22. Do you want kids? If so,  Do you want your kids to be like you when they grow up?


23. Did your parents have a good marriage?


24. Who did you confide in when you were young?


25. What life lessons have you learned that came from mistakes that you have made?


26. Are you a spiritual person? How do you define that?


27. When we have a disagreement, what is the best way to get to a solution, in your opinion?


28. When it comes to social issues, what do you feel strongly about?


29. What organizations or charities would you like to be more active in?


30. What would you like to do more of as a couple? (not sex, that is another question!)


31. What advice would you give your younger self?


32. What would you like to be known for? Think about your eulogy


33. Is there something that I can do to help you achieve the goals that are important to you?


34. What was the most adventurous experience that you have enjoyed?


35. Are you a risk taker or do you prefer the safer route?


36. Would you consider yourself ambitious?


37. What does that (ambition) look like to you?


38. Do you reward yourself with spending your money or are you a saver?


39. What is your favorite horror movie?


40. Have you ever cried while watching a movie? Do you remember the name?


41. What family traditions do you love?


42. What are your favorite things to read?


43. Have you read any books that have made a real impact on you?


44. What is your idea of retirement?


45. What are some of your bucket list ideas?


46. Have you ever thought of just quitting your job and following a dream of yours?


47.  Lets say that you win the lottery and money becomes no object, what is the first thing that you would buy?


48. What is a favorite memory of our relationship?


49. What advice were you given that you found very valuable in life?


50. When did first realize that I was perfect for you? Lol


51. Do you have a wanderlust? Where are your top locations that you want to visit?


52. What does your (our) life look like in 10 years?


53. What was something that you feel was traumatic in your life?


54. If given the choice, would you want to see your future?


55. if you were to visit one place and time from the past, where would you go?


56. What do you think that you do really well?


57. What skills would you like to learn or become better at?


58. What is a memory from your childhood that stands  to you?


59. What is your favorite season?


60. What is your favorite holiday?


61. What is your favorite food or dessert?


date night questions infographic


Questions to ask a  date


Date night is about reconnecting. Life is so busy that taking time out for some ‘one on one” time is essential. Use the questions that fit your relationship to get some insightful conversations. 


Whenever we spend time with our partner or friends the best gatherings are the ones that create a stronger connection by having deeper conversations.


 These are the “memorable moments,” in our relationships.


Funny questions to ask


Switch back and forth with these fun questions, so that you both can answer each of them.


62. What is the one (or more) things that you feel bad about putting your parents through when you were younger?


63.  Have you ever apologized to your parents?


64. Which one of my friends do you really not like?


65. Which friend of mine  is your favorite?


66. Given the choice, which person in my family would you rather not hang out with?


67. Did you ever do anything illegal?


68. Do you believe in karma?


69. Do I ever  make you jealous?


70. Do you have a dark side?


71. What pet peeves do you have?


72. Name something crazy that you have done in college


73. Do you think that you are funny?


74. Do you think that I am funny?


75. Do I have any quirks that you find cute?


76. What do you like most about me?please elaborate! 😉


77. What song reminds you of me?


fun and sexy questions to ask your date


78. What are my most annoying quirks?


79. Would you like to have breakfast in bed?


80. What’s your favorite, having your back, shoulders or feet massaged?


81. What is your favorite thing to do in bed?


82. How often would you like to have sex?


83. Would you like to try something new in bed? What are your ideas?


84. How would you like me to surprise you?


85. Name something that brings you happiness


86. What is your biggest fear?


87. Ask me something that you have never asked me before


88. What was your nickname when you were young?


89. Name a guilty pleasure of yours


90. Where would you like to spend a weekend getaway?


91. What is your oddest talent?


92. Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?


93. What is your favorite sexual position?


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Conclusion date night questions


We need to keep our relationships strong by creating these small meaningful moments. Without nurturing and attention relationships will slowly become very superficial. 


We all know or have had relationships that are just surface.  We should do everything possible to make sure that our closest relationships get the necessary attention to keep them strong.


 Make sure that you plan weekly date nights and monthly girls nights to keep them alive! Pick a few date night questions to ask on each of your date nights to make sure that you have some fun and interesting conversations.


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