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“What If” Questions that are Fun for Couples

These “what if” questions are a twist on straightforward questions and can give you very interesting answers!   

Trying to think about “how you would act” in different hypothetical circumstances, can be fun and also get heated! If it does get heated, just remember its all in good fun!

What if Questions for Couples

1. What if I wanted to quit my job and totally switch careers?

2. What if I won one million dollars? How much say would you expect to have with the spending decision?

3. What if I brought home a pet without telling you first?

4. What would you do If I had to go to jail for 90 days?

5. What if I had to move out of the country for a year or two?

6. What if I could not work anymore? 

7. What if I became allergic to your pet?

8. What if I changed my mind about having kids?

9. What if I wanted to start a new business?

10. What if I wanted to start doing an sport that was considered dangerous?

11. What if I told you that I saw a ghost?

12. What if I told you that I wanted to go on vacation without you at least once every year?

13. What if I told you I was going to restore a vintage car?

14. What if I wanted to DIY a plumbing or building project, instead of hiring a professional?

15. What if we could travel to the past, what era would you want to go to?


16. What if we could travel through time to change one thing in history, what would it be?

17. What if we were on two different sides of something that was very important to one of us?

18.  What if I wore something very unflattering, what would you say?

19. What if one of us got into a physical altercation? Not self defense.


20. What if someone that you thought was a friend, stole something from you?

21. What if we had a special night planned but an unexpected business opportunity came up, how upset would you be?


22. What if I wanted to change my diet to the exact opposite of you?

23. What if I planned a whole camping trip, leaving tomorrow morning?

24. What if I wanted to take a road trip across the whole country?

25. What if I thought your cooking was terrible, would you want to know?

26. What if I kept a secret about my past, but had no bearing on the present?

27. What if I forgot our anniversary?

28. What if someone said something unflattering about me?

29. What if a stranger bumped into me hard and did not apologize or acknowledge what they did?

30. What if I bought you something that you really disliked, but I was so proud of?

31. What if I picked up your phone and started looking through it?

32. What if I wanted to play a sport or do an activity that you did not like, on every vacation that we went on?

33. What if we had the opportunity to take a one month vacation, but taking time off work would cause a problem?


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