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6 Best Bachelorette Games (+ free downloads)

Whether it’s your own, a friend’s, or a family member’s, bachelorette parties are always nights to remember. And what would a bachelorette party be like without bachelorette games

We have some of the best bachelorette party games for your special day, night or weekend.

Best Bachelorette Games

With hundreds to pick, they range from drinking games in homage to college days, to fun quiz games to test yourself on how well you know the bride or other members of the party.


 All in all, bachelorette games will be sure to make the night one you always remember (or don’t!). 


There are definitely some cheesy ones out there, but I promise these bachelorette party game ideas will be ones you can replicate in any party scenario and enjoy with your friends. 

bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas


There can be a lot of pressure on the bridal party to help to prepare and make this night one the soon-to-be bride has dreamed of.


 An integral part of bachelorette parties are fun bachelorette party games for a really great night. 


Planning to have a few games for the special night is a great option whether you are in a new city in a hotel or more casual in a home.


 If you have a destination bachelorette party like Nashville, Vegas, Miami or others, planning these bachelorette games are a perfect way to spend your time on the day or weekend to add to the experience. 


With so many different types of people attending the event, you want to make sure everyone has fun and options.


 There are a billion fun bachelorette drinking games to play for the party, but also general party and question games to keep everyone excited.


Because of this, We’ve created a list of some of our favorite bachelorette party game ideas we’ve picked out through the years. 

These are sure to engage the whole group and add to the party! We’ve separated the bachelorette games into two main sections: Bachelorette Questions Games, and Bachelorette Drinking Games. 


While the immediate thought when you are discussing a bachelorette party is how much the party is going to drink and go out, that’s not everyone’s style, or they might not choose to have alcohol at all! 


Regardless if the whole party is sober, or you just want to make sure to include everyone, having a mix of questions games and drinking games gives a good mix for your next event. 


Bachelorette Questions Game 


You can find hundreds of bachelorette questions games online, but some of the best are the ones you create with your friends and personalize to your bride and your group. 


Bachelorette games quizzing your attendees on how well they know the bride can be hilarious and a great way to learn more about the bride-to-be!  


How well does she know.. Her Fiancé


This one is similar to the well-known newlywed game with a twist, and requires some prior planning from the bridesmaids. 


Unlike the newlywed game which has both the bride and the groom, as the bachelorette party typically excludes the bachelor, it will be centered around the bride answering questions about the groom-to-be. 


Before the party, have either the maid of honor or another bridesmaid compile a list of questions to send to the groom-to-be.


 We will give some examples of ones to use below, but especially if you know the couple well, tailoring it to something specific about them or their relationship can make it much more enjoyable.


It’s also a great idea to ask the groom if he has any ideas for questions to add, he’ll likely have some fun ones to add to the stack. 

Bachelorette Party Game FREE Download

Sample “How well does she know…” Bachelorette Game Questions: 


Here are some sample questions to get the game going, but definitely add in some customized ones to the couple and bride-to-be! 


  1. When and where was your first date? 
  2. Who said “I love you” first? 
  3. What is (groom’s) favorite food? 
  4. What is the most important part of the wedding for both of you? 
  5. What was (groom’s) least favorite part of planning for the wedding? 
  6. Where was (groom) born in? 
  7. What was (groom’s) first pet? 
  8. If (groom) could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
  9. What is (groom’s) favorite place you’ve ever been together? 
  10. What is (groom’s) favorite quality of yours? And what is yours of him? 
  11. What is (groom’s) biggest fear? 
  12. What can (groom) never leave the grocery store without? 
  13. When did each of you know you were in love with each other? 
  14. Do you both want kids? How many? 
  15. Where would your dream home be (other than where you are)? 
  16. What is (groom’s) favorite genre of movie & music? 
  17. What is (groom’s) least favorite quality of you? 
  18. You are going out for a special romantic dinner for an anniversary, where type of food are you going to eat? 
  19. (Groom’s) ideal date? Night in with dinner and relaxing, or night out?
  20. If (groom) was stranded on a deserted island and got to choose something to bring with him, what would be the one thing he would bring?

Bachelorette party games

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Game 

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt FREE Download

A scavenger hunt is one of our personal favorite bachelorette party game ideas. There will be a list of activities, and different tiers of points. 


The easier and faster ones will be 1 point each, the more difficult ones will be 3 each and the hardest will be 6. Separate the party into even sized groups and the first ones to 20 wins.


 Like the other games on this list, they can ALWAYS be customized, and I’d highly recommend doing it. 


The party might be happening in a house or a more relaxed scenario and if that’s the case, it will need to be edited. 


This downloadable scavenger hunt game is more tailored towards a night out. 


Either create your own sheet that you can cross or check off when your team completes the task or use ours, and make sure to take a picture of the group doing the activity! 


1 Point 

  1. Get a free drink for the bride-to-be
  2. Take a shot with the bartender
  3. Find another soon-to-be-wed 
  4. Take a picture with a stranger 


3 Points

  1. Dance on a table/bar
  2. Start happy birthday sing-a-long in the venue
  3. Dance with the oldest person in the venue 
  4. Switch clothes with someone else in the party


6 Points 


  1. Find another bachelorette party
  2. Talk to someone you don’t know in an accent for at least a minute (must be recorded)
  3. Clink your drink, try to quiet the venue and make a toast to the bride (MUST be over 30 seconds)
  4. Find someone with the same name as the groom


Two Truths and a Lie


The epitome of questions games and getting to know the people around you is two truths and a lie. 


Everyone has played this throughout their lives, even since being a kid, but I think it only gets better as you get older. 


To tailor this for a bachelorette party, everyone will get a sheet of paper with another person’s name on it and guess about this person.


 Before the game starts you need to hand out pieces of paper to everyone and have them write down two truths about themselves and one lie, (but don’t differentiate which one it is).


 Then you mix it all up and hand it out randomly to people, making sure everyone puts their name on the top. 


You write down on the card which you think is true and which is a lie, and then everyone shares.


The people who got it wrong have to take a shot, while the people who got it right get a small prize. 


It is especially fun (and cost effective) if the required shot is the bottle of the barrel vodka or other spirit equally awful and bought in a plastic container. 

Bachelorette Drinking Games

Bachelorette Drinking Games 


If you have a bride who likes to drink, or just friends who like to party, there’s so many fun bachelorette drinking games to play on the special day.


 Having a few specific drinking games are great for using as a pregame to a night out, or as the main event! 


One of the best and well known bachelorette drinking games is the “Drink-If Game”. Everyone attending will get a piece of paper 


Pizza Box 


The classic college party game can be reimagined and played at bachelorette parties. Pizza box is essentially a rules game. 


Typically used with a pizza box, or cardboard box all you need to play is a pen and a coin.


Someone starts and flips a coin onto the box, and wherever the coin lands you draw a circle, or whatever shape of whatever size you’d like(but it is better to go smaller in the beginning).


Once you draw your shape, you choose a rule and write it down inside of the shape. 


This can be great to personalize to your brides and friends at the party, maybe things they don’t like to do, or can be embarrassing. 


This can be played with drinking as well and you can make rules like “take a sip” or “take a shot”. 


Prosecco Pong Bachelorette Game


When I found out about this, I was ECSTATIC. As an avid beer pong player throughout college, adding in prosecco and some pretty glasses is a perfect twist on the traditional game. 


While any bachelorette party can play beer pong and have a great time, classing it up a bit with some plastic prosecco glasses makes it seem even more fun. 


Most of the packages you can find have about 12 glasses in it and a few pink ping pong balls. Set up 6 glasses in a pyramid on either end of a table, and voila! 


For those new to the game, there are typically two players, but you can play on teams, and they should be facing each other on a rectangular table. 


You use ping pong balls to throw the ball to the other team’s side and hopefully get it into one of the prosecco glasses. If you get it in, the other team has to drink that glass, and vice versa. 


Drink IF Bachelorette Games 


Drink IF Games are great and fun bachelorette party games. The premise is self-explanatory, there will be a list of statements that each member of the party will read out loud. 


If something is read off that you have done, you need to take a sip, shot, or drink depending on how you want the party to go. 


Here are some easy and fun examples, but remember to create some more to add to the fun! 


Drink If…. 


.. you went to school with the bride

.. you have known the bride for over 10 years

.. you are already married 

.. you are engaged

.. you’ve ever been in a bridal party

.. you know someone else with the groom’s name

.. you have kissed one of the groomsmen 

.. you are older than the bride

.. you were born in the 1990s

.. you have thrown up in front of the bride 


Prizes for Bachelorette Games! 


For all of these fun bachelorette party games, you can tailor them and choose if you want to have prizes for them. 


Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon are great places to find ideas for party favors, but we also have to shamelessly plug our own product as well! 


No longer is it the college days of making jello shots in your dorm, now we’ve created an amazing spin off this tradition.

gummi shimmer shot set with shots

 Our sister site, Craft Cocktail Infusions has a special set of Gummi shimmer shots, which are the perfect gift and product to bring to a bachelorette party. We have infused sugar and edible glitter in our jars with Gummi bears. 


All you have to do is add your preferred type of alcohol, let it sit for a few hours and you’ll have a pretty, colorful, and yummy shot with infused Gummi bears. 


If you are using these as bachelorette drinking games prizes, you can pre-make them by putting in the spirit, or you can send your winning guests home with them to choose their own liquor for another time. 


Conclusion Bachelorette Games


Overall, please share these bachelorette party game ideas to your friends, and make sure if you post these anywhere to tag our magazine! 


This is a very special night for the bride and you want to make sure they are having the best night they can, and putting in the extra effort to play or organize some bachelorette games can make the party the memorable experience it should be. 





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