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Topics to Talk About to Make a Lasting Impression

Curiosity is the key to any good conversation. Use our topics to talk about to get the ball rolling. After that, just ask follow up questions to keep your conversations flowing.    


 People love when you show an interest in them and give them attention


Whether it’s to get to know a potential romantic partner better or a co worker. Choose the topics and questions that fit the person that you are trying to get to know better.


Surprisingly people will think highly of you when you give them even a small amount of undivided attention. They will notice and remember these interactions.


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Topics to talk about


These 30 topics to talk about will give you plenty of starting points to ask fun and interesting questions.




Where were some of your favorite trips that you have taken?


Where would you love to travel to in the future?


Would you rather a beach vacation or a mountain cabin?


Did you travel often when you were a child?


What do you love or hate about traveling?




What things do you hope to achieve in your life?


What are you the most proud of?


What are some things on your bucket list?


What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?


What do you think your life will look like in 10 years?


Do you like to plan or would you rather let things unfold spontaneously?




Do you enjoy your job/career?


Do you see yourself staying there for a long time?


Would you ever want to start your own business?




Where do you get your news most often?


What do you think about…..? 




Who are you closest with in your family?


How many brothers or sisters do you have?


Past relationships


Have you ever been in a serious relationship before?


Do you like being in a relationship?




When you think of your childhood, what memories come to mind?


What toys were your favorite when you were a kid?




Where did you go to college? 


Did you have a fun time at school?


What was your major?




What do you enjoy doing for fun?


Is there anything that you wish you could do more often?




Would you rather watch or play sports? 


Which are your favorite sports to watch?


What games do you enjoy playing?


Future plans


What changes would you like to make to your life in the future?


Do you usually follow through on plans that you make for yourself?




What are your favorite activities to do in summer, winter, spring and fall?




Do you enjoy cooking?


What do you find yourself making the most often?


Do you consider yourself a foodie?


topics to talk about for great conversations




Do you enjoy going out for drinks? 


Are you a beer, wine or cocktail person?


Weekend fun


What do you like to do for fun on the weekends?


Do you make time to have fun or do you find yourself spending more time doing chores on the weekends?


Working out


How often do you like to work out?


Would you rather go to the gym or work out in nature?




Do you read books more for fun or to learn something new?


What was the last book that you read from cover to cover?




What are some of your favorite movies in each genre?


Would you rather watch an action, comedy or fantasy movie?




Do you listen to podcasts when you drive or workout?


What type are you most drawn to?


Personality traits


What do you think is your most positive trait?


What is something that you would like to change about yourself?


How introspective are you or can you be?




What type of music is on your playlist?


Would you rather listen to rock, country, hip hop or dance music?




What foods do you crave the most?


Do you like to try different or unusual foods?


What ethnic foods do you like or eat the most?




Do you have any pets?


Are you more of a cat or dog person?




Would you like to have kids in the future?


Do you think that you would be the fun or the strict parent?


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What are your favorite family traditions?


What holiday foods do you always love and get upset if anyone changes the recipe?


Home life


Are you happy where you live right now?


How long have you lived there?


What is your favorite style of architecture?


Things that make you happy


What brings you joy?


Are there any activities that you do that make you feel happy or free?


How connected are you?


How often are you on your phone or computer when not at work?


Do you look at your phone when you are eating?


Has anyone gotten annoyed with you for being on the phone too much?




How involved are you in politics?


Do you belong to a specific party?


Do you vote in every election?


Have you ever been to a protest?




Do you consider yourself religious?


How often do you practice?


What are your core beliefs?


Interesting Conversations in any Situation


What are some good topics to discuss?


We live in a very interesting time. Subjects that you may have thought to be safe have become touchy. Even in the best of times, religion and politics can be sensitive with SOME people. But now we can add the topic of health that has the potential for conflict


You will have to decide if these topics are important to talk about with the guy or girl that you want to get to know better.


If this is a potential romantic partner, then these topics will surely be important, but a colleague may be less so. It’s important to remember that most people make their opinion on these topics over time.


Never think that you can change someone’s mind, maybe ever. In all honesty, how easy would it be for you to be talked out of something that you believe strongly about.


You will have to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. Sometimes it’s better to focus on shared interests in situations where you don’t need to see eye to eye on politics or religion.


Honestly, with people that I know feel a certain way and they are important to me, we agree to stay away from subjects that we will likely disagree on. 


This shouldn’t be the case with a romantic partner. We should always be able to talk about our feelings about any topic with our partners in a respectful way.


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What are the most interesting conversation topics?


The most interesting topics to talk about are those that we ourselves are interested in and curious about. When we honestly want to know more about any subject, most people become invested in that topic. 


Start with something that you know about them, such as their job or maybe the bar or restaurant that you may be at.  Another way to start is to notice something about them, such as a piece of clothing and use that as a jumping off point. 


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small talk topics image


What are some deep conversation topics?


We covered this in depth in the links below, but basically you want to follow through and get more details about their life.


 You want to get to the feelings behind the answers. The “why” behind seemingly simple answers will tell you so much.


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What are small talk topics?


Ah the dreaded small talk! It really doesn’t have to be so bad. You basically follow the same rules as above. 


Start with a commonality, such as your location or ask how they know the host. You could also start with a genuine compliment.


 Often when you spend a little time listening, you will be given plenty of clues and ideas for questions to ask.


Any great conversationalist will tell you that the key is being an active listener! Some words that can keep a conversation going are…”that sounds so interesting” or “I would love to try that also”


Conversations require a back and forth. A question and then listen, then follow up with something that was mentioned.


 Always finish a conversation saying something like, “It was so nice to talk with you” or “ I would love to get together again to talk more, maybe sometime over coffee?”  Whatever feels appropriate for the circumstance.


 Using just a small amount of manners will definitely be remembered!


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Conclusion Topics to talk about


Finding great topics to talk about doesn’t have to be difficult. Use our list above to start conversations and make a lasting impression.


Whether it’s making new connections for business or romantic reasons, listening is key!


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