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How to Make Memories When Dating

Making memories when dating  or when in a relationship creates emotional connection that will bring you closer together. 

Our tips will help you take ordinary moments and add a special twist that will be remembered!

Make memories when dating


So often we get caught up in life and forget to connect with those that we love in a regular way. That is why we try to come up with simple and sometimes creative ways to make an emotional connection.


All of these ideas work for either for your romantic relationships or your friendships.


1. Change up the routine


Elevate the ordinary!


Let’s say that you often go to a local pub to eat. Switch it up, maybe he is Irish so you put together a Irish whiskey tasting or visit Irish Pubs to be able to rate all the  different Shepard Pies.


Maybe you and your partner each plan surprise dates, criteria being that you don’t know where you are going until you get there.


It is easy to grab some pre-made food and have a picnic in a location that you have never been before.


When you change up the routine, you can connect while discovering different experiences, food or activities.


2. Acknowledge effort


Notice, appreciate and acknowledge.


 For example, your partner or friend does something nice for you, you notice what they have done and show appreciation for their kindness.


You can either send a quick note or pick up their favorite coffee and drop it off to them. People remember when their actions are appreciated.




3. Share a challenge


Finding a shared purpose is a way to create strong and memorable bonds with your partner. Volunteer together! What do you both care about or would like to be a part of?


Helping others or taking part in a physical challenge creates emotional connections between all those involved.


4. Create more milestones to celebrate


You can break up a milestone into smaller celebrations. Imagine that you have a goal to lose 25 lbs, well then you could celebrate every 5-7 lbs. We need to realize how far we may have come along in the journey.


When we think of celebrating we think of going out to eat or planning a party. Celebrating does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. It means taking the time to create something meaningful.


We created a gift that can be used for many occasions. We called it a “Happy Jar” but it is really a memory jar.  This idea is simple, you write down different memories on each separate note. Each time it has been given, people have teared up.


It is wonderful to be reminded of the special moments that you have shared together. The concept could be used for an anniversary, or a couples’ bucket list.


Conclusion How to make memories 

As you can see, It doesn’t take much to create special memories when you are dating or when in a relationship. It just takes a little effort to make someone feel special. This is how you create “real” connection and intimacy.


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